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Welcome to the Bank of Delmarva

Welcome to our website! 

Text Message Scam - regarding "blocked debit cards" or "DebitCard Alert".  Please do NOT reply/respond.  Remember to always treat your personal information like cash, your account numbers/card numbers can be used to steal your money or open new accounts in your name.  Never give out this information in response to a text.  These messages did not originate from the bank nor has any of the bank's information been compromised.  The text messages are being generated by unknown persons to random cell phone numbers in an attempt to try to collect personal information.  Again, please do NOT reply/respond to these messages in any way.









Interest Rates*APY %
12-Month CD0.50
18-Month CD0.60
24-Month CD0.75
36-Month CD1.00
48-Month CD1.10
60-Month CD1.26
*Interest Rates are subject to change without notice.