Protect Your Identity
Protect Your Identity




    As you have likely heard by now, Target experienced unauthorized access to payment card data from U.S. Target Stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. The Bank of Delmarva is committed to protecting the security of our customers’ personal and financial information. Unfortunately, some Bank of Delmarva cardholders were identified as at risk because of Target’s security breach.


    If your card is at risk, we will communicate to you directly.

    Here's what has changed:

  • Defending against fraud is a top priority for us, so we are taking additional precautions to keep your accounts safe.
  • Customers whose accounts are at risk by the Target breach will experience some temporary limits on cash and purchases until we can replace their cards.
  • If you need cash beyond these limits please visit a branch. With proper identification, you can access your available funds.

    Here's what customers, whose cards are at risk can do:

  • Visit any of our 10 branches if you need cash beyond your card limit. With proper identification, you can access your available funds during normal business hours.
  • Monitor your account using online banking, mobile banking or your monthly bank statement and let us know immediately if you see unauthorized transactions.

We realize this could not have happened at a more inconvenient time during the holidays. We are taking these precautions to protect our customers in the fight against fraud. Thank you for your patience.

Customer Q&A:

Did The Bank of Delmarva do something to cause this?
No. The potential security breach occurred at Target.

What should I do if I experience fraud on my account?
Please monitor your account through online banking, mobile banking and/or your monthly statement and let us know immediately if you see unauthorized transactions.

Will I be charged a fee to replace my card?
No. You will not be charged a fee in this instance.

Should I change my PIN?
Target has confirmed that only encrypted PIN information was taken as part of this data breach. This means no actual PINs were compromised and should be secure. However, you are welcome to change your PIN at any time at an ATM.

What can I do to protect my Bank of Delmarva debit card/account?
There are several things you can do:

  • Always monitor your account activity online or by reviewing your bank statements for unauthorized transactions.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone, and never provide your debit card/account number to anyone unless you initiated the transaction.
  • To help monitor your account activity, you can sign up for a variety of automated Email or text alerts.